Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lawncare, Putt Putt, and Grocery Shopping

Hello world!

My days as a newly wed are coming to an end with my September anniversary in sight! What a crazy wonderful exciting and educational time it has been being a newly wed! Reminiscing isn't for today though, so the time has come to talk of many things of shoes and ships and sealing wax of cabbages and kings. (if you can reference this delightful quote we just became better friends!)
Shocking developments have taken place in the Kenny house hold, this wifey for lifey has officially done yard work for the first time! (insert gasp) I know I know it's crazy I'm 24 years old and have never pulled a weed or mowed the yard until recently! I not only learned what a weed looks like and that just because it's the size of a bush doesn't mean it is one, but I also surprised the hubs... I gassed, started, and push mowed our entire yard. (insert applause) There were very minor set backs such as dropping the lawn mower off the side of the curb in efforts to avoid weed eating as well as some uneven spots that I may have over looked. All in all it was a success though! From this experience I gained 2 blisters, sore calves, and the opinion that I do not like doing yard work. The result was a happy husband from one of 2 things, 1. the yard was mowed so he didn't have to do it or 2. his eruption of laughter when he actually saw the state of the yard. Either way this girl is happy and ready to hire a landscaper!
I have recently dubbed Harris Teeter in High Point off 68 or Eastchester my favorite grocery stores, and not just Harris Teeter in general just those 2 locations. I have been helped so many times in probably every section of the store accept for the coffee isle (no need), by smiling happy people who are so helpful for a new Mrs. trying to master the art of making her hubs happy and healthy! So if you haven't found a grocery store.... "where everybody knows your name, and they're all so glad you came" try Harris Teeter but only in those 2 locations, don't get it twisted they aren't all the same!
The newest headline in our house hold is that the Mrs. is quite a competitor when it comes to putt putt golf. Hubby wanted to go on a date night and had one specific request that at some time during the night we would trade our fashions for cardigans and play putt putt golf, and although I had some reservations we went! Little known to me I apparently have a golf gene somewhere and started off the night slow (letting the hubs keep up) until we got to the 8th or 9th hole and then it was like the little magic golf fairy sprinkled her hole in one dust one me! 4 hole in ones yes 4! I don't know if that's common or easy but all I know is I sunk 4 and the hubs only 1. You have to realize something I am not competitive I could care less about beating someone or conquering something... however there was for some reason so much satisfaction to be had with each hole in one sunk and although his competitive nature doesn't want to admit it, I know I had one proud hubby with me! Oh the satisfaction of being good and not trying!