Thursday, October 13, 2011

Different Strokes for Different Folks

There are thing that everyone seems to do differently, like organizing things, brushing your teeth, the order in which you seem to get ready, and so on and so on. Some people do these things the same way everytime others like to switch it up keep the routine keepers on their toes. Point and case my husband and I. Bryce is the routine keeper, he gets up, brushes his teeth, gets in the shower, gets dressed and so on... I on the other hand sometimes like to brush my hair first or take a shower before I go to bed instead of when I wake up I never dry my hair the same way or straiten it the same time, sometimes I make breakfast and sometimes I don't. One key thing that does bring harmony in our house is that neither Bryce nor I are morning people. You could pretty much hear a pin drop in our house in the morning!
The point of conflict finally came though when my sweet husband couldn't fathom the way I did laundry, it wasn't so much the washing and drying but more the folding and where we do the folding. I have always retreived the clothes from the dryer, put them in a basket and folded them in the room in which they are hung, he likes to fold while standing at the dryer. I admit I am a lucky girl the toilet seat is put down, the clothes are kept in our room and closet (mostly) and people always clean up after themselves, but if someone would have told me a year ago that our biggest difference is the way we do laundry I'd say you were crazy! All is well and if that is our biggest difference I am a very lucky girl and owe quite alot to my mother-in-law who raised a boy right! :)
Married life is far better than I ever could have imagined! I am blessed with a great husband who is so good to me and leads me far better than any other man could! I'm begining to love learning the ways of my husband and his routines of each day, I love that he is opposite of me and balances me out! Oh the fun of being a newly wed!
In other news, the home is coming together splendidly!!! I have implimented some great crafty ideas from Pintrest that are not exactly like these pictures but pretty darn close:

 Empty Frames
                                                       Bought an old heater cover painted it Green
Window with Scrapbook paper modpodged in panes