Sunday, May 5, 2013

Short Sweet and to the Point

Have you ever had a week so compacted with stress, nerves, excitement, sorrow, joy, frustration that you feel as though you just encountered a week long roller coaster? Those weeks that you feel as though you have had zero time to yourself and you are constantly running from one thing to the next?
It's crazy how weeks like this come with no warning and once you have finally sat down you realized you haven't taken a deep breath in silence for about 5 to 7 days. I partook of a series of 3 weeks like this in a row and I have yet to produce offspring! All you mom's out there get ready b/c when it's my turn to incubate, birth, and raise a human I'm coming to you to get all the advice possible! Taking care of myself is job enough sometimes! (insert mom's laughter here)
Citizens of planet earth, have no fear because this little Mrs. has found the cure for these crazy weeks! There are several routes of recovery to choose from and they go as followed:

1. Go into a room. Lock the door. Play the following song. (or the song of your choosing) Activate dance sequence. You're all alone, no one is watching so really let yourself go. I promise this will have one of two affects: One. Laughter will abound (a mirror is usually present when this occurs). Two. You will have to lay on the floor because you are out of breath. Either of these results will rejuvenate you and allow you to click the "Refresh" Button. (for added relief you can imagine this white girl dancing by herself to this song.... I raise the roof and ninja kick #youcanjudgeme)

2.  Go to your nearest batting cage. Buy 2 rounds of batting. (the first one you're just trying to hit the ball) Once you begin to make contact with the ball continue to hit as hard as your arm will allow. Frustration and/or anger are replaced with sore arms. *please wear all protective head gear provided *If you do not have a batting cage near you, Whack-a-Mole will suffice (go to your nearest arcade)

3. Go somewhere by yourself. Lay on the floor. Begin dehydration through the eyes sequence. (Crying) Sometimes you just need a good cry and for some reason when you lay on the floor while crying gives so much more relief. (this is known as the adult temper tantrum, the adult part is that you are alone) ** Do not do this where someone you love can find you... it will freak them out (the voice of experience)
There are so many other ways to wind down from a chaotic week. From sitting in silence to taking a warm bath, find your remedy! The worst thing is to stuff it down so it comes out in weird unexpected ways.... kind of like a fart. (why is flatulence so funny!)

If all else fails start your day off with a coffee/tea and one of two songs and I guarantee you "We're Gonna Have a Good Day".

 * Warning- only listen to these songs when you are morning happy... if you are not a morning person like me hold off til you are ready and in the car on your way! Playing these too soon will have opposite affects!