Monday, September 10, 2012

Here's to Us

One year ago today this girl put on the prettiest dress she owns, walked down an isle with my daddy surrounded by friends and family, made a covenant with my best friend, and then danced til I couldn't dance any longer, and officially became a Mrs.

That's right, this ol' gal had officially been a Mrs. for one whole year to the only man who could handle me with such tenacity and tenderness! In reflecting over the past year I've noticed one underlying theme.... that love is committing your life to someone having full knowledge of their weird quirks and odd habits as well as laughing off the newly discovered ones! I must confess I have been caught several times by the hubs doing things I deem as normal, but by his reaction are clearly odd to him! My sweet hubby although perfect in almost every way has also been shocked by what I call oddities that he seems to think everyone does, for example sprinting down our hallway so that he can jump from the entrance of our room and swan dive into bed (usually while I'm trying to read) or randomly singing words in mid conversation. As previously stated I will own up to my own weird flag that occasionally flies, specifically when watching an episode of So You Think You Can Dance and this less than professional dancer has sudden urges to leap or twirl in the kitchen at the specific moment in time that BK walks through the door (and I quickly try to play it off like I was reaching for a pot or burnt my foot usually ending in my injuring a toe or had depending on what I run into). Or perhaps those momentary lapses in judgement when your inner diva breaks out to hit a note far out of your range only to fall flat at the loudest possible volume, and he has the audacity to ask if you were singing or hurt (insert hanging head with red face). The best is when you find common ground, that moment when both your inner nerds hold hands and skip together in a meadow (figuratively speaking of coarse), for example like when you both stay up late man laughing and giggling by watching mascots fall, or when you both are freaking out at the sight of spiders and/or snakes, how bout the times when you both break out dancing in the bathroom/car/living room/kitchen/deck! Those are my favorites those times when our weirdness bond grows where all judgements are put aside and laughter is abounding! The thing you don't realize til you get married is that once you walk down that isle and say "I do" you are accepting that person to now and forever more be there to witness all your weirdness that no one has ever witnessed before!

So here's to us BK you and me babe, to more years of bonding over our weirdness, to growing old together, and to getting better and better with each and every day! I Love You. Here's a little walk down our memory lane: