Thursday, August 9, 2012

Here's to the next 25

You know those days when you just feel like giggling? 
This girl just had one of those days and it happened to be a day that I, in no way shape or form, thought I would enjoy so much..... it was the dreaded 25th birthday. Why was 25 so rough you may ask? In my head growing up, 25 was a bench mark of a year; I thought I would have written a book, discovered new places, maybe had my own TV show (I blame "reality" TV), paved the way for a crusade of biblical understanding, speak all over the world (about what I dunno), set up orphanages and safe houses globally, and maybe just maybe have my own action figure all by the age of 25 before entering into my late twenties. (I jest about the action figure, but that would be fantastic!) So here I was on my 25th birthday having accomplished nothing I thought I would have throughout middle and high school! Why did I have 25 in my head? I have no clue it was such a random young age, but that's what I had in my head; I guess because when I was 17 the age of 25 was ancient to me! 
Thankfully this is when my sweet husband came to the rescue and lifted my head to see all the things I had missed by looking at what I hadn't done yet.
He reminded me that there was so much life lived in those 25 years I: traveled, married my best friend, am blessed with so many close friends and loved ones, gained a whole new family, became an aunt many times over, have grown so much personally and spiritually, embarked on new adventures, over came some fears, grew up in general (height excluded), tasted defeat and victory, learned to cook, spoke to hundreds (working on the thousands), lived in different places, succeeded and failed, did yard work, and personally I think I just get more witty with age! 
There are so many things I have not done yet that are still on the list, but it is good to be reminded of the things you have done and the lives you have touched. It's so humbling to think really of how many people think their lives were better because you were in it! (don't get emo on me) :)
As I sat and read, the sweetest gift my hubby could have given me, precious notes from people past and present that have been in my life and been such blessings to me saying sweet murmurs about our times together I truly am humbled and count myself blessed to have known and know each and every one of them and so many others! 

~pause for emotional effect~

In less sweet news, I have declared war on geese! 
They are overtaking our yard with their poo and little webbed feet! Yesterday I had it and chased them around the house twice before raising the white flag due to my panting short breaths and cramping left calf muscle. I accepted defeat by temporarily sitting on the front steps while the geese looked at me with judgemental eyes, mocking my athletic ability and stamina. Geese 1 Me 0 but it will not stay that way for long, I know 2 little boys who are quite faster than me that come with accessories such as sling shots! After catching my breath I headed back in to get some water and oxygen, but to my dismay the door was locked. The front, side, and back doors all locked, no phone or source of communication this girl just locked out! Thankfully my cat woman skills came in handy when realizing I had left a window open! Only one or two things may have been broken upon re-entry, but sacrifices must be made! I'm still investigating if it was the geese who locked those doors.... crafty little boogers!

Just a couple of things to be done on a birthday such as mine!