Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Biggest Shocker of them All


There are things that no one told me before I got married, things that either they have never experienced or they just forgot this huge change that occurred post marriage. Things like all laundry must be done by you or it won't get done, the dishes do not wash themselves or magically jump into the dish washer, that this thing called dust miraculously shows up without warning you can't hear it you can't smell it you just all of a sudden see it. The biggest shocker of all came the first time we experienced a bug that swept through our home, this bug was a tricky one that lasted about 24 hours and caused you to rid yourself of your prior meals in an unpleasant and undesired way. This little bug first visited my sweet husband who was such a trooper and showed that bug who was boss, but then the bug visited me who is quite a wimp when it comes to discomfort. This was a knight in shining armor moment, as I was becoming "besties" with our toilet, Bryce sat there holding my hair back and letting me lean back on him to rest in between my violent "conversations" with the dreaded toilet monster. No one told me that even when you are at your worst that he still lovingly takes care of you and selflessly sacrifices personal preference for his wife. So a midst the attack of the little bug a shining moment happened when my husband still loved me, still thought I was beautiful, and still took care of me. This however was not the huge shocker in which we began these murmurings of, the biggest shocker of all came after the bug and toilet monster were conquered and my knight in shining armor and I were yet again living in our happily ever after. The biggest shock of all was....... I was now the one who was left to sanitize the castle. For years and years, the toilet monsters cleaned themselves, the sheets were changed probably by singing birds, and the little chipmunks ran in and swept the house clean of any evidence that the little bug was ever there. *Sigh* I sang and whistled and none of my furry little forest creatures showed up to help clean...... but without a sound my sweet prince helped clean the castle and restore order yet again! Where would the princess be without her prince? I'll tell ya up to her ears in rodents :) 

Merry Christmas! Glad Tidings! Many Blessings!
The ever blessed Mrs.

P.S. Thanks mom for always taking care of me when I was sick growing up!