Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing...

It's Christmas time again at the Kenny house.... that's right Christmas in November! It's never to early right? This Christmas we have a new addition to the line up.. a new tree! Our tree last year was so lonely by itself and I being a "more the merrier" type person just could not stand for that! While bringing out all the Christmas cheer through lights, glitter, and funny Santa likenesses the Christmas music and movies were brought out as well! Here are a few of the movies and albums on the line up this year: 

 So as I am decking our halls and stretching out my stomach for the feast of Thanksgiving I am "Rocking around Christmas Tree" with Peggy Lee, "Dancing with the Sugar Plum Fairy" with Tchaikovsky, and "Dreaming of a White Christmas" with Bing Crosby! The year we are heading up to good ol' Kentucky for Christmas with Bryce's family so I'm crossing my fingers for some:
Thanksgiving is spent this year here in good ol' NC with my family, and although it doesn't quite seem like Thanksgiving without the whole CoatesNotes Gang with the Suwanee River as our back drop, frustration at puzzle solving, Uncle John's comedic piano show, prayers being sung not said with all harmonic parts present, and a 6 to 8 hour van ride of bonding.... as the song goes, we'll have to muddle through some how.

Family traditions are such funny things which we cling to fervently and feel strange if each tradition is not methodically carried out! Before marriage I just thought everyone did the same things that we did growing up.... I was greatly mistaken, the hubs had his own, all boys family's, Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions which were almost the exact opposite of my all girls family's! That's one thing you don't think about pre-marriage, or at least I didn't. Now our family traditions are up to us to decide what we want to make a yearly staple. Our tradition around Christmas time is one night getting Starbucks coffee, turning up the Christmas music, and driving around looking at Christmas lights! I love this tradition, maybe because it's our only real tradition (at least that I can think of) so far, but I love it all the same just us driving around feeling like kids again! It's fabulous! I'm looking forward to adding to our tradition(s) this year and one day passing these same traditions on to our kids!!

So here's a little something to get you into the Christmas/Holiday Spirit!