Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing...

It's Christmas time again at the Kenny house.... that's right Christmas in November! It's never to early right? This Christmas we have a new addition to the line up.. a new tree! Our tree last year was so lonely by itself and I being a "more the merrier" type person just could not stand for that! While bringing out all the Christmas cheer through lights, glitter, and funny Santa likenesses the Christmas music and movies were brought out as well! Here are a few of the movies and albums on the line up this year: 

 So as I am decking our halls and stretching out my stomach for the feast of Thanksgiving I am "Rocking around Christmas Tree" with Peggy Lee, "Dancing with the Sugar Plum Fairy" with Tchaikovsky, and "Dreaming of a White Christmas" with Bing Crosby! The year we are heading up to good ol' Kentucky for Christmas with Bryce's family so I'm crossing my fingers for some:
Thanksgiving is spent this year here in good ol' NC with my family, and although it doesn't quite seem like Thanksgiving without the whole CoatesNotes Gang with the Suwanee River as our back drop, frustration at puzzle solving, Uncle John's comedic piano show, prayers being sung not said with all harmonic parts present, and a 6 to 8 hour van ride of bonding.... as the song goes, we'll have to muddle through some how.

Family traditions are such funny things which we cling to fervently and feel strange if each tradition is not methodically carried out! Before marriage I just thought everyone did the same things that we did growing up.... I was greatly mistaken, the hubs had his own, all boys family's, Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions which were almost the exact opposite of my all girls family's! That's one thing you don't think about pre-marriage, or at least I didn't. Now our family traditions are up to us to decide what we want to make a yearly staple. Our tradition around Christmas time is one night getting Starbucks coffee, turning up the Christmas music, and driving around looking at Christmas lights! I love this tradition, maybe because it's our only real tradition (at least that I can think of) so far, but I love it all the same just us driving around feeling like kids again! It's fabulous! I'm looking forward to adding to our tradition(s) this year and one day passing these same traditions on to our kids!!

So here's a little something to get you into the Christmas/Holiday Spirit!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Here's to Us

One year ago today this girl put on the prettiest dress she owns, walked down an isle with my daddy surrounded by friends and family, made a covenant with my best friend, and then danced til I couldn't dance any longer, and officially became a Mrs.

That's right, this ol' gal had officially been a Mrs. for one whole year to the only man who could handle me with such tenacity and tenderness! In reflecting over the past year I've noticed one underlying theme.... that love is committing your life to someone having full knowledge of their weird quirks and odd habits as well as laughing off the newly discovered ones! I must confess I have been caught several times by the hubs doing things I deem as normal, but by his reaction are clearly odd to him! My sweet hubby although perfect in almost every way has also been shocked by what I call oddities that he seems to think everyone does, for example sprinting down our hallway so that he can jump from the entrance of our room and swan dive into bed (usually while I'm trying to read) or randomly singing words in mid conversation. As previously stated I will own up to my own weird flag that occasionally flies, specifically when watching an episode of So You Think You Can Dance and this less than professional dancer has sudden urges to leap or twirl in the kitchen at the specific moment in time that BK walks through the door (and I quickly try to play it off like I was reaching for a pot or burnt my foot usually ending in my injuring a toe or had depending on what I run into). Or perhaps those momentary lapses in judgement when your inner diva breaks out to hit a note far out of your range only to fall flat at the loudest possible volume, and he has the audacity to ask if you were singing or hurt (insert hanging head with red face). The best is when you find common ground, that moment when both your inner nerds hold hands and skip together in a meadow (figuratively speaking of coarse), for example like when you both stay up late man laughing and giggling by watching mascots fall, or when you both are freaking out at the sight of spiders and/or snakes, how bout the times when you both break out dancing in the bathroom/car/living room/kitchen/deck! Those are my favorites those times when our weirdness bond grows where all judgements are put aside and laughter is abounding! The thing you don't realize til you get married is that once you walk down that isle and say "I do" you are accepting that person to now and forever more be there to witness all your weirdness that no one has ever witnessed before!

So here's to us BK you and me babe, to more years of bonding over our weirdness, to growing old together, and to getting better and better with each and every day! I Love You. Here's a little walk down our memory lane:

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Here's to the next 25

You know those days when you just feel like giggling? 
This girl just had one of those days and it happened to be a day that I, in no way shape or form, thought I would enjoy so much..... it was the dreaded 25th birthday. Why was 25 so rough you may ask? In my head growing up, 25 was a bench mark of a year; I thought I would have written a book, discovered new places, maybe had my own TV show (I blame "reality" TV), paved the way for a crusade of biblical understanding, speak all over the world (about what I dunno), set up orphanages and safe houses globally, and maybe just maybe have my own action figure all by the age of 25 before entering into my late twenties. (I jest about the action figure, but that would be fantastic!) So here I was on my 25th birthday having accomplished nothing I thought I would have throughout middle and high school! Why did I have 25 in my head? I have no clue it was such a random young age, but that's what I had in my head; I guess because when I was 17 the age of 25 was ancient to me! 
Thankfully this is when my sweet husband came to the rescue and lifted my head to see all the things I had missed by looking at what I hadn't done yet.
He reminded me that there was so much life lived in those 25 years I: traveled, married my best friend, am blessed with so many close friends and loved ones, gained a whole new family, became an aunt many times over, have grown so much personally and spiritually, embarked on new adventures, over came some fears, grew up in general (height excluded), tasted defeat and victory, learned to cook, spoke to hundreds (working on the thousands), lived in different places, succeeded and failed, did yard work, and personally I think I just get more witty with age! 
There are so many things I have not done yet that are still on the list, but it is good to be reminded of the things you have done and the lives you have touched. It's so humbling to think really of how many people think their lives were better because you were in it! (don't get emo on me) :)
As I sat and read, the sweetest gift my hubby could have given me, precious notes from people past and present that have been in my life and been such blessings to me saying sweet murmurs about our times together I truly am humbled and count myself blessed to have known and know each and every one of them and so many others! 

~pause for emotional effect~

In less sweet news, I have declared war on geese! 
They are overtaking our yard with their poo and little webbed feet! Yesterday I had it and chased them around the house twice before raising the white flag due to my panting short breaths and cramping left calf muscle. I accepted defeat by temporarily sitting on the front steps while the geese looked at me with judgemental eyes, mocking my athletic ability and stamina. Geese 1 Me 0 but it will not stay that way for long, I know 2 little boys who are quite faster than me that come with accessories such as sling shots! After catching my breath I headed back in to get some water and oxygen, but to my dismay the door was locked. The front, side, and back doors all locked, no phone or source of communication this girl just locked out! Thankfully my cat woman skills came in handy when realizing I had left a window open! Only one or two things may have been broken upon re-entry, but sacrifices must be made! I'm still investigating if it was the geese who locked those doors.... crafty little boogers!

Just a couple of things to be done on a birthday such as mine! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lawncare, Putt Putt, and Grocery Shopping

Hello world!

My days as a newly wed are coming to an end with my September anniversary in sight! What a crazy wonderful exciting and educational time it has been being a newly wed! Reminiscing isn't for today though, so the time has come to talk of many things of shoes and ships and sealing wax of cabbages and kings. (if you can reference this delightful quote we just became better friends!)
Shocking developments have taken place in the Kenny house hold, this wifey for lifey has officially done yard work for the first time! (insert gasp) I know I know it's crazy I'm 24 years old and have never pulled a weed or mowed the yard until recently! I not only learned what a weed looks like and that just because it's the size of a bush doesn't mean it is one, but I also surprised the hubs... I gassed, started, and push mowed our entire yard. (insert applause) There were very minor set backs such as dropping the lawn mower off the side of the curb in efforts to avoid weed eating as well as some uneven spots that I may have over looked. All in all it was a success though! From this experience I gained 2 blisters, sore calves, and the opinion that I do not like doing yard work. The result was a happy husband from one of 2 things, 1. the yard was mowed so he didn't have to do it or 2. his eruption of laughter when he actually saw the state of the yard. Either way this girl is happy and ready to hire a landscaper!
I have recently dubbed Harris Teeter in High Point off 68 or Eastchester my favorite grocery stores, and not just Harris Teeter in general just those 2 locations. I have been helped so many times in probably every section of the store accept for the coffee isle (no need), by smiling happy people who are so helpful for a new Mrs. trying to master the art of making her hubs happy and healthy! So if you haven't found a grocery store.... "where everybody knows your name, and they're all so glad you came" try Harris Teeter but only in those 2 locations, don't get it twisted they aren't all the same!
The newest headline in our house hold is that the Mrs. is quite a competitor when it comes to putt putt golf. Hubby wanted to go on a date night and had one specific request that at some time during the night we would trade our fashions for cardigans and play putt putt golf, and although I had some reservations we went! Little known to me I apparently have a golf gene somewhere and started off the night slow (letting the hubs keep up) until we got to the 8th or 9th hole and then it was like the little magic golf fairy sprinkled her hole in one dust one me! 4 hole in ones yes 4! I don't know if that's common or easy but all I know is I sunk 4 and the hubs only 1. You have to realize something I am not competitive I could care less about beating someone or conquering something... however there was for some reason so much satisfaction to be had with each hole in one sunk and although his competitive nature doesn't want to admit it, I know I had one proud hubby with me! Oh the satisfaction of being good and not trying!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bridesmaid to Bridesmatron

Weddings are such fun anomalies where you get  to dress up, take pictures, and celebrate the people who deem you important enough to share in their special day! Have you ever been to a wedding and been considered single? Regardless of your facebook status and who's picture occupies  that "in a relationship" slot, you are still considered the loan ranger with a plus one set to take on a most important mission of your Best Friends Wedding (Pun Intended!). There always comes a moment in your mission where your relationship status is placed on display, and don't worry girls you won't miss it because this moment is cued with the melodic harmony of "All the Single Ladies" and you know it's your time to put your catchers mitt and face mask on and fight the other single gals out there for the chance to capture the old wives tail of being the next to go from Miss to Mrs.

Two of me and the hubs besties in life walked down an isle said "I do" joining together in a covenant and we were so lucky to be there to see it all first hand! I cannot begin to explain how much of a blessing this couple has been in our lives, how can you truly put our kind of history and friendship together in a single emotion or phrase! (embrace the warm fuzzies for a sec) And we're back, this was our first wedding as husband and wife and let me tell you it's definitely the way to go to a wedding....... already wedded (unless it's your wedding obvi!) It was so great to enjoy their day and see how everything that unfolded that day, from the skeet shooting in the morning, the horse bonding in the afternoon, the running back to the barn for shelter from the rain in the late afternoon, and the high energy dancing in the evening perfectly reflected our sweet friends! How exciting to go through life now together as newly wed besties! 

Well don't fret "All the Single Ladies, All the Single Ladies" because your day is coming! The day when you no longer are cued by that song which so easily sticks itself into your brain (I do apologize because by this point I realize you're humming it) to jump up and claim your bit of superstitious desire! The day will come when you will wake up and realize, I never have to catch a bouquet again! So enjoy it while you get to do it, make the best of it and knock a girl or two down (it makes for better pictures!) and one day it will be your turn to toss that bouquet and when you toss it remember that you are no longer a girl looking to catch it!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mmmm What You Say

Several day ago my day started simply perfect. I rolled out of bed with ease, getting ready seemed to take no time at all, and I was actually leaving the house before my husband! (which for me is quite an accomplishement since it takes him 5.4 minutes to get ready) I went to kiss and hug my husband goodbye (worst part of the day) and wish him a good day! He hugged me and said, "Whatever happens today I'll still love you." Which put sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows morning on hold to question what that meant and did he know something that I didn't?!?!?!? This is something you shoud never do to the femail mind..... leave it to question itself over and over again! Anyways I asked him what that meant and he non-chalantley replied, "Oh nothing just wanted you to know". Instead of overthinking this comment intended for sweetness I decided to hit the "reset" button in my head and go about the morning! (which by the way everyone should have a reset button, it's for all those little unpleasantries that can just pop up out of no where.... when they do just reset and all will be right with the world again, I am aware that when I go from Mrs. to Mommy that reset button will probably get harder to push!) Anyways so I grab my keys and bounce out the door shouting my love for my husband! I got in the car, turned it on began to back out of the garage and WHAM! I backed up right into the hubs car! Stomach goes into throat and I run back into the house and swore that he parked further over than usual...... this did not however justify my case and in fact that peice of evidence was never even allowed to be submitted for review! While hubs runs outside I tried to pull into the garage at an angle slamming my front tire into our brick steps just as my prince charming opens the door, not something that helped my case in any way! I then proceed to stand on the steps while he inspects his car fighting back the tears that typically follow my stomach entering my throat. He then walked up to me put his arms around and said, "well, I guess the Lord is really putting me to the test of loving you no matter what happened today." I smiled hugged him and we both left and now we can laugh about it! (only after a good friend of ours took a look at it and smoothed out some bumps! I owe you KHill!) This all took place within 3 minutes of him declaring that he will love me no matter what happened that day! I told him that I know that to be true, but never say it again! 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy

If you know the song then sing along....

I love this song it's currently the theme song to my life, it's my first spring being married and its by far my favorite! Best Spring Ever! (insert brief fist pump) Eating dinner outside on the deck in shifts because nothing is ever prepared quite at the same time and waiting for the entire meal to be done to start eating is absurd! We are fortunate to have 2 horses that live in the yard behind our house which basically means that the hubs and I sit around quoting what the horses are thinking in a voice that adequately matches that of the horses (if they could talk of coarse).... You can blame the movie "Up" for that bit of odd behavior! The oddest thing about being married in spring is that instead of becoming twitterpated just at this time of year, you pretty much exist in this state from the time you say "I do" til.... well I don't know when it ends because I am still caught up in it! Twitterpated is a term in which Disney invented to express people/animals are so crazy in love they tend to do things that go beyond common sense (hence all the roadkill this time of year). It's quite a fun state;  if you look it up in the Urban Dictionary it actually recommends people experience this at least once in their life time..... so go ahead give in to the twitterpation! If you still have no clue what this term means please see the youtube clip below because it explains it far better in animal animation than I ever could verbally! 

Aside from my twitterpation episodes, I had about a week long obsession with the Hunger Games..... I read all 3 books and saw the movie within a week and a half. I didn't do the Harry Potter thing, I avoided the Twilight saga, but finally gave into the Hunger Games. I am here to tell you if you have not read the books you are totally missing out! I know people always say "the book is better" but seriously if you saw the movie and didn't read the book you experienced an entirely different emotional and visual roller coaster than someone who did read the books! How's about the fact that they never disclosed what winning the hunger games would do... but that is a soapbox I'll save for another day! Personally my highlight of the entire experience, aside from the play by play analysis' with my bestie, would be the moment in the movie where Katniss Everdeen looks at the camera and holds up her 3 finger salute in honor of Rue's death.... at that moment everyone in the theater sitting to my right followed suite and held up their 3 fingers saluting back to the screen! Ahhh thank you fellow Hunger Games lovers for participating in fiction as if it was real life! If you have no interest in anything I just said you can now sigh as you have wasted 25 to 45 seconds of your life depending on your reading speed!

The hubs and I are currently branching out to our local farmers and trying to eat grass fed beef, free range chickens/eggs, and organic fruits and veggies. The key word is trying, we're not becoming vegans or the organic police and I will still shave my legs and I will continue to bathe, I'm learning more about it all. Hubs is trying to find the vendors we like the best at the farmers market to become "our people". You know when someone says I need some good veggies we can say "oh, we got a guy you should buy from him". Feel free to laugh at any time, it keeps ya healthy. (I think) We have not reached the level of raising our own chickens nor do I ever desire to get there, we'll just keep stimulating the economy and supporting our local farmers! (and our local restaurants :) ) So if you have "a guy" or "a lady" you like that sells natural stuff holler at your girl! 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Come Sail Away

My little murmurs have been few and far between and I do apologize I am still working on my blogger status, obvi! Encouragement from readers always helps which is why I write today..... for all who have figuratively scolded my dedication to blogging. Currently marriage has been sweet and sappy, that gross kind of lovey dovey marriage that makes all that haters gag, the kind that makes me have to hold his hand while going anywhere, and that makes hubs get frustrated at my frequent 5 minute stare sessions. I know it's gross, but I am simply obsessed. I guess being apart for 2 weeks does that, it makes you slightly obsessed with one another. I'm ok with that at the moment. Watch out Jane Austen your Mr.Darcy doesn't hold a candle to my husband! (what an odd saying, hold a candle to?)

Ok enough of the gooey mush! I have currently been memorized by the musical genius created by The Staves, thanks to my dear cousin (whom I facebook stalk, Evie) I stumbled upon these amazing ladies! Between The Staves, The Civil Wars, and more specifically the Taylor Swift (don't judge Whitney) and Civil Wars collaboration that created the song of the month, yes I said it "song of the month" Safe and Sound from the Hunger Games Soundtrack. If you don't like T.Swift it's time to open your minds and listen to this amazing song, Taylor is letting her Indie flag fly on this one and it's Ah-mazing! Currently I'm trying to keep my feet on solid ground instead of water and I am glad to announce the cruise season is coming to an end after next week, hopefully staying in one place will allow my equilibrium to finally settle down! (I'll need to think of a new reason as to why my klutz status has heightened recently) Before I bid the cruising farewell we will face the Spring Break crowd, since I am an 80 year old stuck in a 24 year old's body I probably will be hitting the sack early unless my cruise-mate Jennie can somehow encourage me (XS is always good) to stay up and let my fun flag fly (stand by for pictures, my weird flag tends to hang on to my fun flag)! In cuter news, my little nieces are quite the lookers! Hannah Jane is currently walking and sort of talking.... mama and dada we're still working on Weezer (yes I'm the aunt with the stupid name) and Lola Mae is spitting up on me and starting to find her smile and laugh (I'm teaching her to man-laugh). My nephews are getting too big for me to wrestle, good thing they know their aunt doesn't fight fare so I will win in the end! Wil has just moved up in the world by getting his own man cave, giving the new baby some space of his or her own (lets find out what we're having already Krista!) Who can forget sweet little Asa who I have to currently stalk on facebook because I am never home to see him..... I think it's time for a visit, we have a guest bedroom.... just saying (not to call anyone out but... Richard and Lindsey, I know the road travels both ways)! In other developments I have a goal to cook at least 3 nights a week so far I've cooked once this week and that was with my dear friend Ariel who is currently a Paula Dean status cook..... I'm unworthy to be in the same kitchen as she! The newest addition to the decor in our house is a frame with jute rope lines where one can clothes pin pictures, cards, and other eye catching things! Here's a picture idea of what it looks like:

frame, frame, frameframeframe

The verdict is still out on whether BK really likes this or not, but he is open which is all I ask! Other than these fun activities I am attending many a baby and wedding shower for dear friends and family! All the babies are currently being had by the former Coates Girls (minus me) along with some friends here and there, and my dear friend Jill is the precious bride to be. It's so enjoyable to celebrate these new beginnings and reminds me of how blessed I am to have these people in my life, and even more blessed that they would choose to involve me in the celebrating of these new chapters! I recently have had the time to reflect on the things of my yesterdays and I am so thankful for all my Creator has brought me through and all the people who have been brought in and out of my life. Currently enjoying the season of life I reside in, winds of change are always welcomed though! So, as I head back to sea for another week keep your eyes peeled I may just get the blogging itch to post again while visiting one of my designated free WiFi spots while in Key West or the Bahamas! (where everybody knows my name, and they're all so glad I came) (if you know the song reference I just used we just became better friends!)

Love and Blessings

P.S. need a good photographer to follow, pick Lik! (Peter Lik that is)