Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Come Sail Away

My little murmurs have been few and far between and I do apologize I am still working on my blogger status, obvi! Encouragement from readers always helps which is why I write today..... for all who have figuratively scolded my dedication to blogging. Currently marriage has been sweet and sappy, that gross kind of lovey dovey marriage that makes all that haters gag, the kind that makes me have to hold his hand while going anywhere, and that makes hubs get frustrated at my frequent 5 minute stare sessions. I know it's gross, but I am simply obsessed. I guess being apart for 2 weeks does that, it makes you slightly obsessed with one another. I'm ok with that at the moment. Watch out Jane Austen your Mr.Darcy doesn't hold a candle to my husband! (what an odd saying, hold a candle to?)

Ok enough of the gooey mush! I have currently been memorized by the musical genius created by The Staves, thanks to my dear cousin (whom I facebook stalk, Evie) I stumbled upon these amazing ladies! Between The Staves, The Civil Wars, and more specifically the Taylor Swift (don't judge Whitney) and Civil Wars collaboration that created the song of the month, yes I said it "song of the month" Safe and Sound from the Hunger Games Soundtrack. If you don't like T.Swift it's time to open your minds and listen to this amazing song, Taylor is letting her Indie flag fly on this one and it's Ah-mazing! Currently I'm trying to keep my feet on solid ground instead of water and I am glad to announce the cruise season is coming to an end after next week, hopefully staying in one place will allow my equilibrium to finally settle down! (I'll need to think of a new reason as to why my klutz status has heightened recently) Before I bid the cruising farewell we will face the Spring Break crowd, since I am an 80 year old stuck in a 24 year old's body I probably will be hitting the sack early unless my cruise-mate Jennie can somehow encourage me (XS is always good) to stay up and let my fun flag fly (stand by for pictures, my weird flag tends to hang on to my fun flag)! In cuter news, my little nieces are quite the lookers! Hannah Jane is currently walking and sort of talking.... mama and dada we're still working on Weezer (yes I'm the aunt with the stupid name) and Lola Mae is spitting up on me and starting to find her smile and laugh (I'm teaching her to man-laugh). My nephews are getting too big for me to wrestle, good thing they know their aunt doesn't fight fare so I will win in the end! Wil has just moved up in the world by getting his own man cave, giving the new baby some space of his or her own (lets find out what we're having already Krista!) Who can forget sweet little Asa who I have to currently stalk on facebook because I am never home to see him..... I think it's time for a visit, we have a guest bedroom.... just saying (not to call anyone out but... Richard and Lindsey, I know the road travels both ways)! In other developments I have a goal to cook at least 3 nights a week so far I've cooked once this week and that was with my dear friend Ariel who is currently a Paula Dean status cook..... I'm unworthy to be in the same kitchen as she! The newest addition to the decor in our house is a frame with jute rope lines where one can clothes pin pictures, cards, and other eye catching things! Here's a picture idea of what it looks like:

frame, frame, frameframeframe

The verdict is still out on whether BK really likes this or not, but he is open which is all I ask! Other than these fun activities I am attending many a baby and wedding shower for dear friends and family! All the babies are currently being had by the former Coates Girls (minus me) along with some friends here and there, and my dear friend Jill is the precious bride to be. It's so enjoyable to celebrate these new beginnings and reminds me of how blessed I am to have these people in my life, and even more blessed that they would choose to involve me in the celebrating of these new chapters! I recently have had the time to reflect on the things of my yesterdays and I am so thankful for all my Creator has brought me through and all the people who have been brought in and out of my life. Currently enjoying the season of life I reside in, winds of change are always welcomed though! So, as I head back to sea for another week keep your eyes peeled I may just get the blogging itch to post again while visiting one of my designated free WiFi spots while in Key West or the Bahamas! (where everybody knows my name, and they're all so glad I came) (if you know the song reference I just used we just became better friends!)

Love and Blessings

P.S. need a good photographer to follow, pick Lik! (Peter Lik that is)

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