Monday, April 2, 2012

Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy

If you know the song then sing along....

I love this song it's currently the theme song to my life, it's my first spring being married and its by far my favorite! Best Spring Ever! (insert brief fist pump) Eating dinner outside on the deck in shifts because nothing is ever prepared quite at the same time and waiting for the entire meal to be done to start eating is absurd! We are fortunate to have 2 horses that live in the yard behind our house which basically means that the hubs and I sit around quoting what the horses are thinking in a voice that adequately matches that of the horses (if they could talk of coarse).... You can blame the movie "Up" for that bit of odd behavior! The oddest thing about being married in spring is that instead of becoming twitterpated just at this time of year, you pretty much exist in this state from the time you say "I do" til.... well I don't know when it ends because I am still caught up in it! Twitterpated is a term in which Disney invented to express people/animals are so crazy in love they tend to do things that go beyond common sense (hence all the roadkill this time of year). It's quite a fun state;  if you look it up in the Urban Dictionary it actually recommends people experience this at least once in their life time..... so go ahead give in to the twitterpation! If you still have no clue what this term means please see the youtube clip below because it explains it far better in animal animation than I ever could verbally! 

Aside from my twitterpation episodes, I had about a week long obsession with the Hunger Games..... I read all 3 books and saw the movie within a week and a half. I didn't do the Harry Potter thing, I avoided the Twilight saga, but finally gave into the Hunger Games. I am here to tell you if you have not read the books you are totally missing out! I know people always say "the book is better" but seriously if you saw the movie and didn't read the book you experienced an entirely different emotional and visual roller coaster than someone who did read the books! How's about the fact that they never disclosed what winning the hunger games would do... but that is a soapbox I'll save for another day! Personally my highlight of the entire experience, aside from the play by play analysis' with my bestie, would be the moment in the movie where Katniss Everdeen looks at the camera and holds up her 3 finger salute in honor of Rue's death.... at that moment everyone in the theater sitting to my right followed suite and held up their 3 fingers saluting back to the screen! Ahhh thank you fellow Hunger Games lovers for participating in fiction as if it was real life! If you have no interest in anything I just said you can now sigh as you have wasted 25 to 45 seconds of your life depending on your reading speed!

The hubs and I are currently branching out to our local farmers and trying to eat grass fed beef, free range chickens/eggs, and organic fruits and veggies. The key word is trying, we're not becoming vegans or the organic police and I will still shave my legs and I will continue to bathe, I'm learning more about it all. Hubs is trying to find the vendors we like the best at the farmers market to become "our people". You know when someone says I need some good veggies we can say "oh, we got a guy you should buy from him". Feel free to laugh at any time, it keeps ya healthy. (I think) We have not reached the level of raising our own chickens nor do I ever desire to get there, we'll just keep stimulating the economy and supporting our local farmers! (and our local restaurants :) ) So if you have "a guy" or "a lady" you like that sells natural stuff holler at your girl! 


  1. Girl! I just love reading your blog posts! Write more! And I'm a fellow lover of Hunger Games... haven't seen the movie, but it's on my list.
    Miss the snot outta you! Enjoy your spring with the hubs and all those fresh veggies!

  2. Hey! I'm a bit further down that rabbit hole and I still shave my legs (as all good vegans should! LOL)! Great blog! I have no "people" but could really use some. When you get your peeps, please share with me. :o) Miss you girl!