Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mmmm What You Say

Several day ago my day started simply perfect. I rolled out of bed with ease, getting ready seemed to take no time at all, and I was actually leaving the house before my husband! (which for me is quite an accomplishement since it takes him 5.4 minutes to get ready) I went to kiss and hug my husband goodbye (worst part of the day) and wish him a good day! He hugged me and said, "Whatever happens today I'll still love you." Which put sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows morning on hold to question what that meant and did he know something that I didn't?!?!?!? This is something you shoud never do to the femail mind..... leave it to question itself over and over again! Anyways I asked him what that meant and he non-chalantley replied, "Oh nothing just wanted you to know". Instead of overthinking this comment intended for sweetness I decided to hit the "reset" button in my head and go about the morning! (which by the way everyone should have a reset button, it's for all those little unpleasantries that can just pop up out of no where.... when they do just reset and all will be right with the world again, I am aware that when I go from Mrs. to Mommy that reset button will probably get harder to push!) Anyways so I grab my keys and bounce out the door shouting my love for my husband! I got in the car, turned it on began to back out of the garage and WHAM! I backed up right into the hubs car! Stomach goes into throat and I run back into the house and swore that he parked further over than usual...... this did not however justify my case and in fact that peice of evidence was never even allowed to be submitted for review! While hubs runs outside I tried to pull into the garage at an angle slamming my front tire into our brick steps just as my prince charming opens the door, not something that helped my case in any way! I then proceed to stand on the steps while he inspects his car fighting back the tears that typically follow my stomach entering my throat. He then walked up to me put his arms around and said, "well, I guess the Lord is really putting me to the test of loving you no matter what happened today." I smiled hugged him and we both left and now we can laugh about it! (only after a good friend of ours took a look at it and smoothed out some bumps! I owe you KHill!) This all took place within 3 minutes of him declaring that he will love me no matter what happened that day! I told him that I know that to be true, but never say it again! 

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  1. I love it, girl! I totally would have questioned my hubs if he said the same thing to me. Just tell him that a simple, "I love you" will suffice from now on. LOL Great blog! I literally laughed out loud (unlike the scores of people who type "LOL" but aren't really laughing at all....hee hee). Hugs!