Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bridesmaid to Bridesmatron

Weddings are such fun anomalies where you get  to dress up, take pictures, and celebrate the people who deem you important enough to share in their special day! Have you ever been to a wedding and been considered single? Regardless of your facebook status and who's picture occupies  that "in a relationship" slot, you are still considered the loan ranger with a plus one set to take on a most important mission of your Best Friends Wedding (Pun Intended!). There always comes a moment in your mission where your relationship status is placed on display, and don't worry girls you won't miss it because this moment is cued with the melodic harmony of "All the Single Ladies" and you know it's your time to put your catchers mitt and face mask on and fight the other single gals out there for the chance to capture the old wives tail of being the next to go from Miss to Mrs.

Two of me and the hubs besties in life walked down an isle said "I do" joining together in a covenant and we were so lucky to be there to see it all first hand! I cannot begin to explain how much of a blessing this couple has been in our lives, how can you truly put our kind of history and friendship together in a single emotion or phrase! (embrace the warm fuzzies for a sec) And we're back, this was our first wedding as husband and wife and let me tell you it's definitely the way to go to a wedding....... already wedded (unless it's your wedding obvi!) It was so great to enjoy their day and see how everything that unfolded that day, from the skeet shooting in the morning, the horse bonding in the afternoon, the running back to the barn for shelter from the rain in the late afternoon, and the high energy dancing in the evening perfectly reflected our sweet friends! How exciting to go through life now together as newly wed besties! 

Well don't fret "All the Single Ladies, All the Single Ladies" because your day is coming! The day when you no longer are cued by that song which so easily sticks itself into your brain (I do apologize because by this point I realize you're humming it) to jump up and claim your bit of superstitious desire! The day will come when you will wake up and realize, I never have to catch a bouquet again! So enjoy it while you get to do it, make the best of it and knock a girl or two down (it makes for better pictures!) and one day it will be your turn to toss that bouquet and when you toss it remember that you are no longer a girl looking to catch it!


  1. Since you posted the Flashmob Disney proposal, have you seen this one?! I think it's even better: -- The guy worked at the Aladdin musical and had his Cast Member friends help out!

    PS: veryveryverybelated CONGRATULATIONS. No worries - I've Facebookstalked all your pictures, videos, and read your blog. Somehow I've neglected to ever tell you! You made the most beautiful bride of all time. :)

    <3 Carmen

    1. Carmen you are so sweet! Thank you so much :) I loved this proposal!!

  2. What does this have to do with Bridesmatron? Is it a term you used for yourself?