Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Cotton Pickin' Year

The year of cotton... apparently there is a tradition (whether it be southern or global I know not) in which every year, for some certain amount of years, you get something specific for your significant other in the form of a fiber, a metal, or a substance. 

This past year can be summed up affectionately as a Hot Mess. So much change occurred in our lives this past year but through it all we still found the funny, tried new things, were not too cool to be immature, stubbed a few toes, embarrassed ourselves, and got butterflies from time to time. Someone once told us, as we were preparing to commit to each other at the next level, that marriage works when both people come into the relationship being 100%, none of this 50/50 stuff it's 100/100. I think this was one piece of advice I took to heart, that if I wanted to be the best wife/future mom I could be I needed to keep working on me.. continually. As the romantic that I am, some may say even cockeyed optimist (name that movie and my love for you will grow) I thought that one day I would just arrive and my inner Carol Brady and Julia Child would emerge and I would just do it all. When I quickly realized that I was much more like Lucy Ricardo and Maria Portokalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding). If you havn't guessed that reference above here is a hint:

Thankfully my guy totally loved me knowing full well I was a Frankie Heck and not a June Cleaver. 

Enough about me....  When someone introduces their person as "my better half" it's not because they are putting themselves down actually they are bragging. I'm totally OK with claiming my hubs as my better half because I (probably like the rest of the world) am quite stunned that he, out of billions of other women, chose this girl knowing full well what he was getting into! I'm quite proud (and quick to) walk holding his hand or taking his arm, this helps me refrain from yelling as we walk together "Does everyone see I'm with him?", "Nothing to see here he's with me", "I married him"! I know I know we are disgusting and I'm totally fine with that, that  couple that started dating in high school and just fell head over heels for each other and still do today. Sometimes I like to just sit and stare at him I think he's so cute (which he hates, he thinks its super weird especially when he's sleeping and wakes up to me staring at his cute face). And yes, I stare even more knowing it freaks him out! hehe  
That sums up our way of "keeping things interesting" in our marriage.. figure out what drives the other one crazy and do it when they least expect it. (all in love of coarse) It's also those little things that no one else will ever know those funny things that will always be between us, that I'll treasure forever and think about when I need to laugh for a photo. 

So happy anniversary to the best thing that ever happened to me, my knight in under armor, my stand up comic, my best fwiend, and my safe place. Here's to many more years of sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows (BK hates this song haha)! I won't play that one since it's not McKenzie Day... here's one that we both love! 

Fun Fact: this was the first song I danced to as a MRS. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Short Sweet and to the Point

Have you ever had a week so compacted with stress, nerves, excitement, sorrow, joy, frustration that you feel as though you just encountered a week long roller coaster? Those weeks that you feel as though you have had zero time to yourself and you are constantly running from one thing to the next?
It's crazy how weeks like this come with no warning and once you have finally sat down you realized you haven't taken a deep breath in silence for about 5 to 7 days. I partook of a series of 3 weeks like this in a row and I have yet to produce offspring! All you mom's out there get ready b/c when it's my turn to incubate, birth, and raise a human I'm coming to you to get all the advice possible! Taking care of myself is job enough sometimes! (insert mom's laughter here)
Citizens of planet earth, have no fear because this little Mrs. has found the cure for these crazy weeks! There are several routes of recovery to choose from and they go as followed:

1. Go into a room. Lock the door. Play the following song. (or the song of your choosing) Activate dance sequence. You're all alone, no one is watching so really let yourself go. I promise this will have one of two affects: One. Laughter will abound (a mirror is usually present when this occurs). Two. You will have to lay on the floor because you are out of breath. Either of these results will rejuvenate you and allow you to click the "Refresh" Button. (for added relief you can imagine this white girl dancing by herself to this song.... I raise the roof and ninja kick #youcanjudgeme)

2.  Go to your nearest batting cage. Buy 2 rounds of batting. (the first one you're just trying to hit the ball) Once you begin to make contact with the ball continue to hit as hard as your arm will allow. Frustration and/or anger are replaced with sore arms. *please wear all protective head gear provided *If you do not have a batting cage near you, Whack-a-Mole will suffice (go to your nearest arcade)

3. Go somewhere by yourself. Lay on the floor. Begin dehydration through the eyes sequence. (Crying) Sometimes you just need a good cry and for some reason when you lay on the floor while crying gives so much more relief. (this is known as the adult temper tantrum, the adult part is that you are alone) ** Do not do this where someone you love can find you... it will freak them out (the voice of experience)
There are so many other ways to wind down from a chaotic week. From sitting in silence to taking a warm bath, find your remedy! The worst thing is to stuff it down so it comes out in weird unexpected ways.... kind of like a fart. (why is flatulence so funny!)

If all else fails start your day off with a coffee/tea and one of two songs and I guarantee you "We're Gonna Have a Good Day".

 * Warning- only listen to these songs when you are morning happy... if you are not a morning person like me hold off til you are ready and in the car on your way! Playing these too soon will have opposite affects! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Box of Chocolates

November to March is quite a gap in time.... I do apologize for the partial coma my blog went into, but just like the little daffodils springing up from the ground so is this little blogger.

Life has been crazy these past couple of months... so many new chapters have been started in our lives. I never considered  how in life you  start more than one chapter at a time but is your life just one book or a series of books? (#brainteaser) Currently it feels as though these past several months are a library in and of themselves! We have relocated to the country.. traded in neighbors for cows, heels for galoshes, and air conditioning for screen doors (relax this girl has enough city in her still to require heating and air). This is the "home sweet home book", the newest addition to this little piece of heaven is the ever growing conflict of woman vs. ant. Currently the ants have it, but the greater the struggle the greater the victory right?!? (insert an Amen!) The heroine of our story has already defeated the "Overflowing Toilet" tragedy of '13, with the praise and love of her person she will be victorious yet again. (Huzzah)

In the family book, affectionately titled "The Little Woman... and their Peoples", a chapter is in the making, The Tie that Binds. Our little Hannah Jane is the heroine of this story, she battled a scary monster which we refer to as The One that Shall not be Named! This scary monster put up quite a fight so far but our little stinker pot has come out victorious day by day! Her journey is much more eloquently expressed by the woman who birthed me, Janet Coates.
This chapter is one that hasn't quite ended yet, but the happily ever after is well on it's way thanks to all the amazing support of family, friends, and friends of family and friends. Its truly been a humbling experience to see all the love and support of my sweet sister and brother as they uphold their little fighter... have you ever considered the parents of heroes? (#thoughtloop)

My fairy tale is still quite blissful. Prince charming is still sweeping me off my feet every day (sometimes more literal than others.... I hate mopping the floor!). Every day I am more and more convinced that there is no other human on the face of this planet that could love, provide for, clean up after, take care of, and enjoy my hott mess like he does! It's the little things really like coming home and all the laundry magically is folded or getting in my car to find new wiper blades  have been affectionately added to the jelly bean to make my drives in the rain so much more enjoyable (and visually accurate)! As BK emphatically reminds me, "It's all in the way you choose to see things." Hence why I'm naming the next chapter (or book if it's too big) The Silver Lining. 

Sometimes when you think life can't get any better.... it does.
 And that's all I have to say about that.

*Disclaimer: I do not endorse Glee but this music mash up is magical! I would have done the original with Judy and Barbara but couldn't find a video with sound quality worthy of tantalizing your ears!