Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lets Start at the very Begining

How do you express the warm fuzzies you feel when you finally after 5 years of dating get to wake up every morning next to your best friend? I am begining to understand, in the smallest sense, the precious blessings found in the covenant between man and wife! These are my personal experiences and recommendations here and there along the way to becoming a MRS.

The first thing you encounter when you get back from your honey moon is the reality that your name is wrong, on everything bills, car title, bank account, social security number, drivers lisence, passport, insurance, and probably more that I just have not thought about yet! You quickly realize that you are now in name limbo! I heard through the engagement time that this was the biggest headache for most women who are taking their husbands name, so my motto in life typically is to *avoid stress and conflict at all costs*! (seriously ask those who were involved in the wedding planning process and my husband (still weird to say)) RECOMENDATION: take one day and do it all!
When you do this you cannot sleep in, you need to start early, my local register of deeds office opens at 8:30am. That's where I started, then you head to the social security office and here's where I expected to wait forever, to my surprise I hung out for maybe 5 minutes before my number being called, I attribute this to doing it in the morning! From there you go to the DMV, bank, and the rest really is a matter of going online and changing things over, thank you internet you are amazing! Easy Peasy!
Now officially being a Kenny is done I can focas on more pressing items, like decorating our home!
For all you eclectic and crafty decorators that have a somewhat odd taste in decor I highly recommend going to it is AMAZING! You can find all these great ideas for your house and even recipies! Check it out!
I will keep you updated on the decorating!
Here's some ideas me likes:

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